Individual Open Enrollment

Health insuranceThe current Individual Open Enrollment period is October 15, 2019, to January 15, 2020. For Individuals, if you want to change your plan for a Jan 1, 2020, effective date, you must make your plan change by Dec 15th. The Individual market also has special reasons during the year which allows you to make immediate changes. Some reasons are losing your job, moving, etc.

For the Individual market, you can purchase your coverage direct from the insurance company or through Covered California. You can do either through an Insurance Agent who can help you navigate this difficult task. A lot of people assume you have to buy your coverage through Covered CA, but that is not true. We only place clients through Covered CA if they get financial assistance or outside of open enrollment when a carrier requires us to do so for a specific situation.

Financial Assistance (Government Subsidy) is going up! This is great news for a lot of folks! What does this mean exactly? It means that you can make a lot more money than before, and still get a subsidy, which means more money in your wallets! If you’re not currently getting a subsidy, check with us on the income thresholds to see if you qualify in 2020. We were quite surprised at the increased income thresholds. If you’d like our help, you can email us at or call our office (408-848-2271) for help.

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