Group Medicare

Group Medicare


Are Medicare eligible employees costing you a lot of money?  We can help with that!  New laws have allowed us to help companies lessen the burden of high cost health insurance due to having Medicare eligible on their current health plan.  Our plan options are usually better than the current health plan for those employees and it can save both the company and the employee money.  Who doesn’t want to save money?!


Is your Retiree plan also burdening your bottom line.  We can help with that too!  There are many options to look at and our approach is different that traditional retiree plans.  We are helping companies save thousands of dollars each month, and sometimes the Employer or Union ends up with NO cost to them!  We will be your Medicare Resource and you can just pass your retirees or Medicare Eligibles our way and we will make it a smooth transition for them, holding their hands every step of the way.


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