“Michele is the most thorough, passionate and heat-based insurance agent i have ever met. Michele and her staff take excellent care of her clients, giving them peace of mind, excellent service, including continuing communication that answers questions on new options and personal messages for client birthdays. I whole-heartedly recommend Michele Campbell for all your health and life insurance needs.”



Dear Michele,
I wanted to let you know about the incredible job Jennifer Barrios did for our family today!
I lost my job in mid-January, and my coverage was set to expire TOMORROW!

I was trying to navigate coveredca.org, but was moving slowly..
I asked for help online, and Jennifer responded- she was simply amazing.
She spent hours with my wife and I, helping us navigate the information.
She quickly understood our situation and answered important questions for us; she was clearly an expert on the different coverages,and helped us select the right one for our needs.

Of critical importance, she helped correct some of my inputted information,and recognized that we were a special case adn could begin coverage tomorrow (Feb1) instead of us having to wait for March 1st. (Waiting would have meant either a month without coverage, or thousands of dollars through COBRA)

She then worked diligently behind the scenes to help get us a substantial discount on our coverage, which we never would have been able to do on our own.

We are so thankful for Jennifer’s help we wanted to share with you what she did for us.

She was kind, smart, patient, helpful, and she saved us thousands of dollars, at a time when we needed it the most- I had to let you know how appreciative our family is for her efforts.

Thank you, and let Jennifer know that she’s got a family of fans over in Sunnyvale!!

Highest Regards,
Larry M and the Family


Michele, Thank you so much for helping us with our Healthcare Insurance needs. There are so many options and companies to review, and your experience and expertise made it so much easier. Thanks again.

Larry R

Just to let you know exactly how valuable Medicare Advantage insurance was for us, my wife formerly had just Part D for prescription coverage.  I came to you for analysis of which plans suited us financially. You recommended an Advantage Plan that included medical and drug coverage plus you suggested I get covered too. My wife had a heart attack 5/21 which meant transport to ER, hospital admittance, transportation to cardiac center, angiogram then bypass with other emergency room visit and transport followed by visits to surgeons, cardiologists and lab work. If it were not for this policy I am sure I would be buried in the 20% that medicare does not cover. So if someone asks you why they need it becuase they’re healthy and never go into hospitals, you now have us in your back pocket as history. 



Michele is a life saver! She helped me navigate and better understand my family’s health options for the coming year. She is INCREDIBLY experienced and knowledgeable. She was very capable at translating healthcare coverage vocabulary and make it understandable. She is professional, personable and very friendly. I highly recommend Michele, I couldn’t have made these decisions without her experienced advice! Thanks Michele!


Thank you Michele for everything that you do for us.


Ben and Esther



Thank you so very much for both your patience and time that you took to make us feel comfortable regarding retirement insurance coverage.


We appreciated your professional and courteous presentation very much.


Thank you


Gary & Susan

Dear Michele, Thank you for your professionalism and great knowledge! I am completely comfortable knowing my and my daughter’s health care options are in your hands!


I was an insurance agent (Life, Annuity and Long-Term Care) for 12 years with 7 of those years, in charge of operations in Central California. As a Field Agent, I was always in the top 10% in the nation and was once the top agent out of 1350 in the company, within the U.S. and Canada. Anyhow, my point is, I recognize a GREAT agent when I meet one, and you are that person. We feel fortunate to be represented by you. Thank you.


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